Inhabitable Theories

“Inhabitable Theories” is a research and design project that generally actualises in the form of performative lectures. The project questions both the existence and the relevance of a separation between theory and practice as it transforms into a discourse on spatial design that is both theory and practice. Theory becomes thought, text, and voice, at last, reflecting space – a kind of meta-architecture that is radically open as it allows for a form of appropriation that is at the limit of recreation.

The “Inhabitable Theories” project clarifies spatial practice as encompassing both writing and designing and performing at its own limits. Spatial practice is, therefore, to be conceived as a practice that is critical of its own rules. It is understood as a performative process that creates borders rather than borderlines, limits rather than limitations, and is, therefore, a discipline of radical communication that always seeks to extend itself towards an Other – the unknown – addressing it without previously quantifying it to render it provable.